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Lydia's Style Magazine

Lydia's Style Magazine
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Lydia's Style Magazine is a monthly publication direct-mailed to homes and businesses in

Style Media and Design Inc.
211 West Myrtle St.
Fort Collins, CO 80521

The following are PDF files with clips of articles Maryjo has contributed to Lydia's Style.

NOTE: Some of these are large files. If you are having trouble viewing them in your browser, it would be faster to save them to disc, then open locally with Acrobat Reader.

Fort Collins Symphony (497 KB)
Greeley Philharmonic (503 KB)
Pediatric Sleep Disorders
(875 KB)
Vision + Craftsmanship = Ultiate Luxury
Part 1 (8 MB) - Part 2 (8 MB)
Air Life is Twenty-Five!
(1.24 MB)
Injury and Recovery Denzel Style (1.77 MB)
Here We Go Again (687 KB)
Choices in Hysterectomies (1.4 MB)
Sculpture In The Park
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Support Your Local Non-Profits
Rooms Without Walls
Family & Community Non-Profits 2006
Hormonal Therapy


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