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Here are the sample photos;prices are beneath each. 

Calvary Cemetery Entrance

Please note re: Gravesite; If buried on top of gravesite, there is a Reuse Fee - $350
Pay for full burial M-F $1100, $1200 Sat; to bury both cremains
Waive opening fee for cremation; still pay Reuse Fee of $350

Mausoleum Entrance 

Inside mausoleum; you can see marble niches on either side on outside walls.
Glass cases flank center black marble structure.

 Looking to the left. 


The opening/closing cost is not included in the price,that would be $450.00 Mon. thru Fri., 550.00 Sat. or Holiday.
The name plaque & maintenance is included in the price.

Tandem Niche $3300-3900; 
12 x 12 slot; 2 cremains, one in front of other
$3300 - bottom 2 tiers; $3900 - top 4 tiers

 Companion Niche 4500-$5,000; 24x24 slot; one next to the other;
one name plaque in the middle; $5000 - top 4 tiers; $4400 - bottom 2 tiers


Tandem Niche and Companion Niche details

Not sure what this free-standing unit is called;  

Glass Niche with Bronze Backing; $5400 – 3rd tier; $5900 - 4th & 5th tier; $4920 - $5400 4 & 5th tier
Glass Niche (without Bronze Backing not shown) $
4900 – 3rd tier; $5400 4th & 5th tier
Side walls less expensive (horseshoe-shaped display)


See white marble in background; $5700 - 3rd tier (?); $6300 - 4th & 5th tier (?)
$6750 in front, middle of display; glass w/white marble back; slot for 2
Not exactly sure of placement and prices, hence ? marks.